The Wisdom

Our wisdom is clear – we know our clients demand expertise and consultation, and a consultant that will get the job done. To ensure this, every one of our consultants is trained internally and externally on both the industry and recruitment.

The Statistics

The average recruitment business will place 2% of every candidate represented. This means you will interview 50 candidates for 1 hire or interview at 50 different companies for every job you accept. We sit at over 40%, which means 20 times less interviews for candidate and client.

The Product

Our product is simple; it is professional services expertise and we consistently offer support, challenges, knowledge and career advancement. We represent those that take their career seriously and want to add value to the industry.

The WSP Story

We were founded when a group of experienced recruiters went to market to find a professional to sit within our business, the service and candidates they received were unacceptable. We found that the recruiters we were using were simply trying to put forward what was easy rather than what was right. This lead to the majority of the candidates not being able to do the job required. As professional recruiters, we understand what is lacking throughout the industry, so we are changing it. We only work with candidates who are incredible at what they do, we want the best back office talent for our own business, so why wouldn’t we want this for our clients?

We were founded to solve a shared frustration.  It’s simple, the only thing we offer is a recruitment service that creates full satisfaction amongst every candidate and client. We won’t give you a million reasons why were different, we will give you one; we are award winning and highly acclaimed recruiters who satisfy your back office and human capital needs.

Next Steps...

We handle everything from finding you the perfect business to negotiating the offer. The next step is for you to get in touch with one of our experienced consultants today.